Mirabal Reserve by Vivac Winery is a synchronistic endeavor blending the creative talents of the renowned Robert Mirabal and international award winning wines of Vivac Winery to birth a unique spirit of grapes. These wines express the heritage and tradition of New Mexico and embody the heart and soul of New Mexico True.

Vino Rojo

Sangiovese & Taos Choke Cherry

Mirabal Reserve Vino Rojo is a special blend of sangiovese  grapes with native choke cherries creating a supple, smooth, with just a hint of berry notes, tasting expierence. This blend embodies the heart and soul of New Mexico where time, culture and tradition come together creating a unique and distinctive wine. Originating from Robert's grandmother's hands full of fermenting sherries to Vivac's Internatinally awarded handcrafted wines of today, a new heritage of wine making is now in our children's hands who will continue to plant wines and pick cherries sustaining what is NM True.

Vino Blanco

Mirabal Reserve Vino  Blanco is a blend of Gewurztraminer and Malvasia grapes. The Vivac Organic Estate Vineyard sits at the mouth of Rio Embudo at 6,000 ft elevation in northern New Mexico. Robert was born near the site of today's winery that is family owned and operated by native New Mexican's bringing together heritage and long standing holistic traditional farming practices to produce the light, crisp and summer ripe fruit of the white wine. This wine is the result of a unique collaboration bringing together the old with the new and embodies the heart and soul of NM True.



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